Easily Recover Images of Cr2 File Format

The CR2 file extension is related with the Canon professional digital cameras file format. This file contains captured images in Canon RAW image format that also contains text information about the images and conditions in the camera at the time when the picture was captured. Such image formats are based on the standard TIFF that stores photos as it were taken by the CDD detector in the camera. It is the extended file name of Canon camera images that have varied extended file name with the file extension of .cr2.

.cr2 files are created by many different Canon digital cameras including Digital Rebel XT, EOS350d, EOS300d and EOS400d. Canon digital camera has received enormous commend from users for its ease of use, style and ultimate performance. The snaps captured in Canon digital camera are stored in RAW image format, primarily CR2 and in older versions in CRW files. CR2 stores images using TIFF standard where as CRW stored in CIFF standard. RAW image files are considered as the formats that enclose minimally processed data from the digital camera image sensor. In general CR2 and CRW files are also known as electronic negatives.

CR2 file format is one of the best options for the photography and also mostly preferred by professional photographers. In spite of having so much features of this canon digital camera supported file format sometimes CR2 files get damaged, inaccessible. Issues related to CR2 file damaging comes around when user is trying to process or collect CRW and CR2 files that most probably lead to data loss or file damaging. However there are many situations that are responsible for the CR2 file inaccessibility such as sudden removal of memory card while camera is saving or processing images, unintentional deletion or formatting of memory storage of camera, memory card corruption, file header or file format damage and many others alike.

All such disastrous reasons directly make the CR2 file format inaccessible, invalid and damaged. But you don’t have to worry about for all the lost, damaged, erroneous CRW or CR2 files because their recovery is easily possible with the help of third party CR2 recovery software.

This recovery tool efficiently recovers lost, deleted, damaged Canon CRW, CR2 files and many other popular file formats like JPG, TIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc. It has an advanced algorithm that frequently scans the memory storage and searches out the files and then recovers as well as repairs not only the image files but also audio and video. CR2 recovery tool has interactive user friendly interface that makes it easy to use even for the novice users. It supports both Windows and Mac Operating System.