Repair Cr2 Raw Corrupted files Easily

Canon Camera make the use of Cr2 file format to store images in different types of memory storage media like SDHC, XD, micro SD, Flash and many others. It is a RAW image file that saves pictures without applying any in-camera compression. However, Cr2 files stored on the canon digital camera memory cards are highly prone to corruption due to which photos get corrupted and becomes inaccessible. In the situation of image file corruption, you need to repair Cr2 raw corrupted files.

Once the stored files get damaged Cr2 problems starts occurring and you will receive error messages that explains the memory card is corrupt or memory card needs formatting. The issues of corruption usually occur during the read-write process of the image file. The process of image capturing or saving is interrupted in the mid-way, the memory card tends to get corrupted at the situations when:

  • Memory card is removed out from the device while images are being processed or written to it.
  • The camera is turned off just immediately after capturing photos.
  • Due to virus or Trojans infection.
  • Low battery.

All such reasons are responsible for the interruption in read/write process and causes problems and in this situation you need to repair Cr2 damaged and inaccessible files. The first thing for troubleshooting is to format your memory card but the problem is that pictures, videos, and other data on it get removed.

You can also use the backup of Cr2 inaccessible files, if available. In case if there is no backup then, it is suggested to go for the third party photo recovery tool is to repair and restore the lost Cr2 files from the Canon digital camera.

This tool effectively repairs the Cr2 files gets corrupted or lost with the help of its advanced algorithm that quickly find out the files. It also offers the recovery of lost pictures from almost every kind of memory cards. By using this you can also recover the file of different formats such as JPG, JPEG, MPEG, PNG, TIF and many alike.